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• Water

• Food

• Roofing

• Toilet

What could be better than honouring someone

this Christmas with a gift that

• reaches around the world

• benefits someone who has nothing

• brings hope for the future

✓  Spouse • Partner

✓  Parent • Child • Sibling

✓  Friend

✓ Teacher

✓  Co-worker

✓  Secret Santa Gift

Please email us the Name, Email & Mailing Address of the person the gift is for.

An email will be sent to them, indicating that they will receive a card by mail about your gift.

Income Tax Receipts issued for annual cumulative donations of $25 or more.

• Boreholes

Contribute towards cost of $10,000 each

Prevent deadly diseases.

Most villagers travel 3 to 5 times a day, up to 1.5 hours each trip, to fetch clean water for cooking, drinking, washing and bathing. This water is more often than not, from a dirty stream, or unprotected hand dug hole. This is one of our most expensive projects. Our community lives scattered in a low-lying mountain range, making it too difficult to dig through the rock. Machinery is needed. And it's expensive. But water is a must! Help us bore through the rock and access clean water for our village friends.

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• Chickens & Guinea Fowl

$25 each

Promote nutrition.

Your gift will provide a family with 3 Chickens or 3 Guinea Fowl giving families food and protein-rich eggs. Offspring become income providing families with the ability to have healthy meals, access to medical care, education and clothing. 

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• Goats & Pigs

$75 each

Promote nutrition.


Your gift will provide a family with 2 goats or a pig providing families with food and income. The sale of offspring means that family can pay for essentials like clothing, education, toilets and more!

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• Beehives


Promote nutrition.

A group of village is given 10 beehives to keep. Bees are imperative to keep plants pollinated. The product of honey and wax allows for the villagers to gain income, meaning they can provide their families with food, medical access, education and more!

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• Fruit Trees


Promote nutrition.

Trees are essential for keeping mountain sides from eroding, and river beds from drying up. Giving a village with fruit trees provides nutritious snacks necessary to bring a balance in their diets. It also allows for excess fruits to be sold, providing income for families to use on household necessities.

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• Sheet Metal Roofing

~ $350/roof

Protect families.

Providing a family with a roof will keep them dry during the rainy season, and healthy by keeping pests and rodents away. 

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• Toilets • Hygiene Education • Supplies


Avoid disease and infection.


Imagine your family's first toilet!! Complete with a concrete pedestal seat to sit on! No more squatting over a hole in the ground. Each toilet given to a village family is a MUST in keeping families healthy, allowing for the children to attend school, rather than caring for sick parents and relatives. 

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• Sewing Skills • Menstrual Hygiene Management • Hygiene & Sewing Supplies

Empower girls.


It cannot be expressed adequately enough the importance of investing in girls and young women! Educating them with a skill to start by helping them with hygiene, empowers them endlessly. Knowledge will help them escape extreme poverty and all that goes along with it.

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Have you ever thought about making your gift stretch a whole year?! What a fantastic idea knowing that you're giving a gift each month in honour of someone this Christmas.

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