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Photo: Mackenzie Seath


Love a Village works to bring life changing hope to African villages in northern Malawi. Side by side, and in collaboration with local leaders, we establish a sustainable and healthy future for the most vulnerable communities, by meeting their needs for food, water and much more. 

We have proven that the cycle of poverty can be broken, by empowering families to stay healthy, and by giving them the skills and training needed to become independent and self-sustaining.

The Ongoing Challenge 

In 2018, The World Bank ranked Malawi as third poorest country in the world (the first two due to war), with an annual GDP of $389.40 USD per person. Malawi's economy relies heavily on agriculture, employing ~80% of the population, and are extremely vulnerable to external shocks such as climate and health. Low agricultural productivity; limited opportunities in non-farm activities; volatile economic growth, rapid population growth, and limited coverage of safety net programs and targeting challenges are what drive poverty in Malawi. 

Empowering villagers

to escape extreme poverty

and live independently!

Love a Village

Wise Words​

from a friend

Julie: "I'm starving ... 

Wait! That's not true!"


Our Friend: "In Malawi, starvation means you have nothing. No clothes, home, food, family. Nothing. It means more than just hunger for food. It is sad that people use that word in Canada when they are satisfied." 

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