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Do you have a question that might be similar to what others have asked?  

If you don't find yours here, let us know by e-mailing us and we'll add it to the list.


Can I get a tax receipt?


Yes! Any donation over $25 will be issued a tax receipt. Click here for more info on how to donate.


 How much of my money actually goes into the projects in Malawi?


Since 2015 Love a Village has put 95% of every dollar into our projects in Malawi. Our Canadian overhead is very low. 


 What does "self-sustainable" mean?


Enabling Malawians to provide for themselves and plan for their future without relying on donations is really what is needed. Love a Village provides new skills & information to arm families in their own battle against poverty. We are praying for a new generation of Malawians who will lead their country out of poverty.


 Is anyone being paid a salary?


Our goal is to have as close to every penny possible going into Africa. Should a donor be interested in designating funds directly for salary purposes, this would be welcome. 


There is so much need in Canada, why not help here?


The need IS great in Canada. And God is calling many people to serve here at home. We feel God has designed each of us in different ways, and expects us to serve Him according to how He's wired and called us. Our founder has been drawn by the Holy Spirit with a huge amount of compassion for the people of Africa. Through this deep emotional connection, God is using us to serve Him with great passion and gusto.


What are creative ways I can help?


Why yes there are! Here's some of our favourites: 

  • Donate aeroplan points and we'll use them to get to Malawi to work hands on with our friends in Luhomero

  • Instead of birthday or anniversary gifts, encourage friends and family to give to a Love a Village project in your honour

  • Host an info night and we'll come to share about Malawi and the work of Love a Village 

  • Tell us about your creative idea - we'd love to hear from you! 


 Why such a bright website?


"Colourful fun! That's one way I would describe Malawi. Bright sights, pungent smells, heavenly singing, joyous laughter and huge smiles. A blast of colour from the moment I walk off the plane onto the tarmac, to the moment I reboard.


I want this website to reflect the colours of Malawi and the people in it. I want this website to reflect what I feel and experience while I am there and that which lingers long after I am back in Canada, tiding me over until the next visit." - Julie Seath, Founder


Website designed by Julie - who has been referred to as bright and colourful herself!  :)


 What time is it in Malawi right now?
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