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100 Women for Luhomero

A fundraising arm for Love a Village

The Love a Village 100 Women represents a unique opportunity to contribute and work together with us, to personally help the over 5,000 villagers of Luhomero.


Our goal is to work exclusively with 100 Women COMMITTED to providing FINANCIAL SUPPORT,  for the implementation of varying projects in the villages of Luhomero, specifically for the purpose of creating SELF SUFFICIENCY for the villagers within 5 years.


If you can COMMIT one hour twice a year, to meet and learn about the exciting projects changing lives, and you can contribute $200 per year you can become one of our 100 Women changing the lives of 5,000 villagers. 

We invite you to join and become a member and become one of our 100 Women making a difference in Luhomero, and bringing LIFE GIVING change!

Empowering villagers

to escape extreme poverty

and live independently!

Fall 2020 Gathering

LIVE with Malawi!

Saturday, October 17

Time: 11:00am Toronto Time

Location: Zoom call

Meeting ID: 899 8862 4874

Passcode: 579770