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Malawi 2017 - May Edition

We are absolutely thrilled to have a fantastic team of young people joining us to serve in Malawi this May! All team members will be investing their gifts and time. Four are students who are sacrificing the opportunity to earn much-needed tuition money at a summer job. Mark, our fifth team member, is giving up his vacation time from work. Wow! Thanks everyone. 


Learning is at the heart of serving on a Love a Village team. As teams join in village life in Luhomero, they add to our understanding of both the capacity and significant needs in the community. Each team strengthens our partnership with our wonderful Malawian friends and builds our capacity to cultivate hope.


Please join us in praying for this terrific team and consider how you can financially support their work. 

If you'd like to support any of our team members in reaching their goal, please click the support button by their name.

You will be taken to our Donation page where you will have options of how you would like to support them.

Ensure you include your full name (including middle initial), mailing address, email address, and name of team member.

Tax receipts are issued for all donations of $25 or more.


Hi, I'm Elana!


I am 19 years old and currently attend Ryerson University for Early Childhood Studies.


I have always felt a desire to go to Africa, and I know that this is something that God is calling me to do. I am really excited to be serving in Malawi for a month this summer. I am really looking forward to interacting and connecting with the people in Malawi but more specifically the children. I have always had a love and passion for working with children and I am excited to bring this to Malawi with me.


I also look forward to experiencing and learning about the Malawian culture.


I know that God has some amazing things planned for Malawi this summer and I am really excited to be able to serve with Love a Village and my team.

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4 week trip


Hello! My name is Emma, and I am excited to be sharing the great news that I will be travelling to Malawi with Love A Village this May.


For those of you who don’t know me, I am a third year psychology student with the hopes of one day becoming a psychiatrist. Sports, family, psychology, and children are just a few of my interests.


I want to go back to Malawi, as on my previous trip God was able to open my eyes to something bigger than what I normally see in my everyday life as a privileged Canadian. There are so many basic needs that aren't met in this country, yet in talking with a Malawian you would never guess the extent of their poverty because of their posture of pure joy. I look forward to reconnecting with the Malawian people and strengthening Love a Village’s relationship with them. I also look forward to participating in various activities that are set up to slowly but surely bring this beautiful country out of extreme poverty. I feel a strong urge to go back to Malawi and do anything that I can to help, and do it all with a servants posture.


I want to carry God’s light and presence to a place that knows of Him but might not always feel Him.

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3 week trip


Hi, I'm Sam! I am 21 years old and am currently at Seneca College studying in the Bachelor of Child Development Degree Program. I work part time as a swimming instructor, lifeguard, and as an assistant manager. Children bring me great happiness and I love being able to make a difference in their lives by working and encouraging them.


I'm very excited for the opportunity to go to Malawi and have an experience unlike any that I have ever had. I've been extremely lucky to grow up in a big house with my own room, receiving an education, having food on the table every night, and being able to be part of extracurricular activities such as hockey. However, I realise that this is not everyone’s reality. I have grown up in a culture where values are placed on things such as the way that you dress, the phone that you have, and other material items. I look forward to taking a step back from our materialistic culture, and discovering the true importance of life. This trip, I believe, will be a stepping-stone in further appreciating the life that I live and learning how to make a positive impact in another person’s life.


Being an active Catholic, I feel truly blessed that I am being given the opportunity to go on a Christian mission trip and am looking forward to the lessons that I will be taught, while providing works of charity. I look forward to experiencing a new culture with a new system of beliefs and values. 


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3 week trip


Hi! My name's Mackenzie. I'm currently in my first year at Trinity Western University in an Art & Design programme. 

This will be my third trip to Malawi over the past five years, and I'm really looking forward to it! I am especially excited to be working on this year's Love a Village summary video and some promotional materials.

After seeing so much of both the beauty and brokenness of this amazing country in my previous trips, I am eager to learn even more as I grow along side my friends during this 2017 mission. I hope to be able to give everyone a glimpse into what life in Malawi is like through the lens of my camera. I can't wait for our supporters to get a front row seat for some of the amazing things God is doing!

This trip is not only a time for me to grow as a person in my faith, but also a time to embrace the work that God will being doing through me as I witness to the incredible people of Malawi.

Mackenzie's Newsletter - coming soon!

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4 week trip


Hello, I’m Mark.


I had the privilege of going to Malawi last year with Love a Village. I was only there for a week and ever since then I have had a desire to go back. This time, I will be there for two weeks. I am 23, and I graduated from Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto in 2015. I want to use my education and skills to help fulfill the dire physical and spiritual needs of the world.


Last year, I learned a lot about the ongoing work to provide the people of Luhomero with clean water. It is a big project with many challenges and a great need for that community. I look forward to getting more involved in this by being there for the installation of a couple of rope pumps and spending some time at the Smart Centre.


I am also excited to be involved in the gospel ministry to the people of Luhomero. I will be helping with the Bible studies and supporting the ministry as I am able.


I am excited to see what God can do for these people through Love a Village!

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