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5K Challenge

The average distance walked EACH day for water and firewood.


COVID-19 arrived in our area the first week of May.


Our founder Julie was planning to be in Malawi in May & June and fundraise from there for her upcoming 50th birthday.


We’ve responded by launching our #5Kchallenge fundraiser to bring water, soap and supplies for hand washing stations, materials to sew masks, animals for nutrition and income, and more, to our community of Luhomero, Malawi, in anticipation of the further devastation this virus will have on our village friends.

Total Raised $31,357

Updated: June 17, 2020

Join the #5Kchallenge:

1. Walk, run or ride 5km once 

2. Donate to

3. Post a pic with tags @loveavillage #5Kchallenge

4. Optional: Tag & challenge a friend or two


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Malawi Team

Malawi Team

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26 Malawians are running 5K every day for 10 days

to raise funds for a borehole in our community.

An important message from our Malawian & Canadian friends.

Our #5kchallenge participants