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Girls in stitches

In May 2015 a sewing project was launched as part of our Focus on Girls.

Two machines were purchased and taken into the village to teach the girls of the local school how to sew reusable menstrual hygiene pads. With this new skill we are hoping the girls will make use of the machines and sew other items to sell in nearby town and city markets. We are encouraging the girls to save money to pay for their secondary education, increasing their chances for potential jobs in the future, ultimately helping to reduce the cycle of poverty and living in the village.


While talking with the girls about the project, Julie taught them how to wear the new reusable sanitary pads with the new underwear they were given, the only way she knew how ... by demonstration! The girls were in stitches laughing over the awkward subject being made light of and humourous.  

Find out how a US based company, My First Period is supporting this initiative. 

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