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Loonies & Toonies for Bras & Undies

Did you know that some women

go through life never owning a bra?

These funds will be spent in malawi to:

  • support village women with bras & undies

  • support the market vendor’s family with funds for things like food and education.


Together, we will offer women who are amongst the world’s poorest of the poor a simple luxury. With your help, they will learn a new meaning of the word support.

Your loose change can help support women - literally! 

Would you like a box?


If you'd like a box for collection at your office, school, lunch room, home, church or other place, contact us here.

Help without creating excess baggage


Airlines charge $250 for excess baggage. Instead, we want to spend the money we collect from these boxes in Malawi. We will be able to purchase bras and new undies from Malawian market vendors ... putting much needed funds in their pockets, and food on their tables.

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