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Wedding Time!





October 24, 2020



Mark & Kyla's family and friends generously gave in lieu of wedding gifts, for our projects in Malawi, and raised:



Mark & Kyla, may you be blessed

as richly in your marriage

as you have so generously given.

We (Mark and Kyla) already have many of the things we need for our first home together and would like to humbly ask that in place of traditional wedding gifts that you would donate on our behalf to a charity whose mission is very important to us.

In July of 2019, we joined a team of volunteers traveling to Malawi, Africa to learn first-hand about Love a Village's work in a rural community called Luhomero. During our trip with Love a Village (LAV), we saw newly-dug water wells, cooperative farming projects, naturally increased crop yields, livestock sharing programs, and other projects helping to increase food security, sanitation, and supply of clean water. We also got to meet the hard-working people who are benefitting from these projects. Simply because of the place they were born into, the Luhomero villagers and many Malawians are stuck in poverty without hope for escape. The projects funded by LAV give them an opportunity to lift their families from extreme poverty to sustainable independence.

The need in Malawi is great - much greater than our need for "newer and better" items in our home. God has laid these people and their needs on our hearts, and we ask that you might give to LAV in honour of our wedding. 

With much love and many thanks,

Mark Zijlstra and Kyla Rodgers

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