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Music For Malawi 2015

Toronto Cantata Chorus

Guest Conductor - Len Ballantine


What an incredible evening!  


Back in 2012 Julie bumped into a familiar looking woman in a mall and the two realised they knew each other from the past, but could not pinpoint from where or when. A few weeks later they bumped into each other again and finally fit the pieces together. Aileen and Julie had sung together in a choir back in College. Aileen invited Julie to join her current choir.


In December 2014 Julie felt that she should call Aileen to see if she could still join the choir. Aillen invited Julie to audition in January 2015. Julie qickly learned that this wasn't the church choir she thought it was! It was a well establish Cantata Chorus, made up of beautiful, highly talented people and voices.  Within a month Aileen asked Julie if she would like the choir to sing for a benefit concert for the people of Malawi. Shocked and slightly confused by all that was happening so quickly, Julie accepted Aileen's generous offer and it was a HUGE SUCCESS! It was the first official fundraiser for Love a Village (pre CRA's charitable approval).


Guest Conductor Len Ballentine led with gentleness and care. And PASSION! Wow! What passion. An excellent example and mirror of our Lord in his Christ-likeness.


An incredible experience!

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