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who we are

•  a small, grassroots organization

•  working towards helping villagers become independent and self-sufficient

•  partnering with a registered Malawian NGO, and local organizations​

•  15 Monthly Donors

•  $12,480/year in monthly donations

・help add to this here

•  97.6% of every dollar went directly to implementation of our projects in 2016

other good stuff

where we go

•  to a country where 85% live in extreme poverty on ~$1.60USD/day

•  in a community of 5,000+ villagers

•  as the most substantial foreign aid organization in the community

what we do

•  implement projects through Malawian partnerships (not us doing the work)

・income source for families

•  engage villagers to participate in the work that will benefit them

・personal ownership & empowerment

 We are small but MIGHTY! 

Together we are making a difference!

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