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Email me if you have questions by clicking the envelope at the top of the page next to my name.

Issued in February 2018 by LAV, for Canadian donations only, totalling $50 or more.

Great news! You don't have to live in Canada to be able to help the people of Malawi! GoFundMe accepts donations from around the world! WootWoot!

We'd love your help sharing this campaign with Facebook friends, email it to family, print it and post in the office coffee room, tweet it,  ♥️  the photo at the top of the campaign ... share away! 

Leave a comment below. It will help too!

You never know, who you might know, that would want to know  ☺️

Let's see how far around the world we can reach!

* Registered Canadian Charity 
BN 82900 0181 RR0001
** Donations made through the LAV website (etransfer, PayPal, cheque) will be included manually and reflected in our total raised on GoFundMe site, as an offline donation. 


Battling the Beast

Special Truck Need


(Donating? STOP! See below re: Options)

Love a Village (LAV) is a registered Canadian charity working in a community of over 5,000 people, in over 45 villages in Northern Malawi. We are a grassroots organization, that doesn't give handouts, but uses a wholistic approach, by coming alongside villagers and empowering them to escape extreme poverty and live self-sufficiently. 

With a population of over 17 million,  approximately 85%  are trapped in the vicious cylce of extreme poverty. According to the  World Bank, Malawians are living on less that $1.90 USD/day. We've seen it. Our friends live in handmade mud brick grass thatched homes, drink contaminated stream water, run out of their staple food about 6 months after harvest, don't have access to a proper local health facility, practice poor hygiene, and get little more than early primary school education.

Our goal is to work together with local leaders to provide villagers assistance in acquiring skills in the following project areas: clean water, food security, safe shelter, health & hygiene, girls programmes and education, for themselves and their families in order to be able to change their future's trajectory for generations to come. (more pics at bottom)


Currently we are without a reliable vehicle to access this remote community. 
Our previous vehicles have been a 1994 Pajero (engine seized) and 1996 Patrol (now requiring unobtainable parts). We are in an area approximately 30km in diameter, with low lying mountains, riverbeds, rocky terrain and large crevices to maneuver around. We're stuck, leaving our friends inaccessible! Pics of some of our many breakdowns can be seen here .

This is an important question
, with a simple answer. Without a truck, the projects won't happen. We need to be able to get to our village friends in order to be able to help them. You should see their faces light up when they hear the truck in the distance and see it appear on the horizon! They are so EAGER to learn and have us work with them to help provide hope and a better future for themselves, their children and their grandchildren! 

• We cannot reach the people
• Our projects will stop
• Our friends' will stay trapped

We know that we are one of many many worthy causes to engage with, and give to financially. I can personally assure you that your donation will make a difference and that funds will go directly to the purchase of a reliable newer vehicle to help keep our projects moving along ... literally! Twice annually I visit, to ensure our projects are being implemented fairly, accurately and honestly. Directly engaging with our friends is developing a mutual trust between us, deepening and strengthening our relationships.

What we're working with:
• We don't want new, because of how that can look to the people in the village
• We don't want old, because it'll break down sooner. We're looking in the 8-10 yr old range, hoping to have it last us 10+ years 
• We won't likely find anything in Malawi with a reliable maintenance track record
• All vehicles are imported - we'll bring one from Japan to Tanzania and pick it up there, to save money
• Have to find a make that has spare parts in Malawi
• 4x4, high ground clearance, 7 seater, hefty, low mileage

• climb mountainous terrain
• cross thick muddy river beds
• carry heavy project supplies 
• distribute 100s of Sawyer water filters 

• implement life-changing projects
• transport villagers for training sessions - eg. for 3 day programme in Foundations For Farming (new and better farming skills)
• reach the remotest areas atop mountains
• take sick people for treatment

Would you take a moment to carefully consider helping these villagers receive the help they so desperately need and want?


THANK YOU!On behalf of our village friends, I want to extend a HUGE personal thank you to you! Your support is something I KNOW they value. When I visit they endlessly thank the people in Canada for coming into their villages and helping them. In the words of our Malawian friends: Taonga chomene!





A personal message from Julie
I have hesitated for years to share this need. Asking people to help with a truck has felt intimidating. We have, however, now come to the end of the road, and exhausted our vehicles and options. We are stuck and in need of a newer, more reliable vehicle. I've been encouraged by others to make LAV's needs known, because there will be people who will want to know and help. "If you don't share the need, people won't know". Working in Malawi constantly puts us face to face with BIG needs. While some of the challenges we face are gut wrenching and truly overwhelming, the truth is, a truck is one need that can be met simply as people respond with generosity. And once we have the big need of a truck met, we can continue meeting the even bigger personal, basic needs of the people. From the beginning I have trusted God with straight forward mustard-seed-mountain-moving faith to meet our needs. He always has, and in the most amazing ways.

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