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We Only Have One Lifetime to Give

The villages of Luhomero are difficult to access at the best of times. In the midst of rainy season and the recent loss of a reliable vehicle, our program team is forced to find creative ways to travel BUT it's a temporary solution. We are racing against the clock to secure a new vehicle so we can deploy much-needed education and resources to combat the recent cholera outbreak and continue our projects.

Will you help? 

Goal: $50,000

Our 2005 Hilux

An Accident

In January, our partner Daniel was in a serious accident, totaling our 2005 Hilux.


Miraculously he walked away with minor injuries! 

There is insurance coverage, but not enough to replace with a newer vehicle.


• We cannot reach the people

• Our projects stop

• Our friends stay trapped


• Implement life-changing projects
• Transport villagers for training sessions
• Reach the remotest areas atop mountains
• Carry sick  people to hospitals

• and so much more!


• Climb mountainous terrain

• Cross thick muddy river beds

• Carry people and heavy project supplies 


• 4X4

• Twin cab

• Pick up

• 2013 to 2017

• $40,000-$45,000


Great news! You don't have to live in Canada to be able to help the people of Malawi! Our donation platform accepts donations from around the world! 




We'd love your help sharing this campaign on social media, by email or over a coffee ... share away! 

You never know, who you might know, that would want to know.

Let's see how far around the world we can reach!


On behalf of our village friends, we want to extend a HUGE personal thank you to you! Your support is something we KNOW they value. When our founder visits, they endlessly thank the people in Canada for coming into their villages and helping them. In the words of our Malawian friends: Taonga chomene!

A message from Julie
It's not easy for me to be the one asking for financial help. Over the years I have been encouraged by others to make the needs known. because there will be people who will want to know and help. "If you don't share the need, people won't know". Working in Malawi constantly puts us face to face with BIG needs. There are many, and they are everywhere. While some of the challenges we face are gut wrenching and truly overwhelming, the truth is, a truck is one need that can be met simply as people respond with generosity. And once we have the big need of a truck met, we can continue meeting the even bigger personal, basic needs of the people. From the beginning I have trusted God with childlike, mustard seed, mountain moving faith to meet our needs. He always has, and in the most amazing ways. Thank you for being a part of this with me.

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