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Bwabwa, Malawi


Bwabwa is where it all began. In 2011 Julie travelled with her sister Sarah to tag along for Sarah's work meetings in Malawi. Towards the end of their four week trip, Sarah suggested Julie travel north to visit in Ekwendeni and see some of the community-based work that was being done from a Presbyterian hospital there. Julie was toured through many areas and saw a number of exciting programs. 


In Bwabwa, Julie met Maria, an abandoned mother of five who had lost two of her children to disease and malnutrition. Maria lived with her three surviving children in a home she had built out of mud and straw. In 2012, Julie led a team of 10 including family and friends to return to Malawi and complete a home for Maria and her children.


Currently, because of the ongoing work of the Presbyterian Church in Bwabwa, we believe that the best place for Love a Village to continue our work is in the nearby community of Luhomero

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