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Clean Water

Water is NON-NEGOTIABLE for survival, and it is UNTHINKABLE to stand by while villagers are forced to rely on contaminated water for their daily lives.


Through simple and creative initiatives implemented through our partnerships with local leaders, you can join us to make a difference and give villagers life giving clean water through Boreholes, Shallow Wells, and Water Filters.

TO DATE: We have installed 12 Boreholes

LR May 2017IMG_0759.jpg


Life giving fresh water from underground!


In 2018 the community of Luhomero was deemed predominantly impenetrable by manual drilling methods. This is due to the type of mountainous rock Luhomero sits on. Our goal over the next few years is to install up to 15 deep water boreholes through machine drilling, which is far more costly to implement than manually drilled wells. 


Providing accessible clean drinking water is ESSENTIAL for cultivating hope in a village and eliminates the chore of long distance travel to draw water multiple times each day, for cooking, drinking and bathing . Clean drinking water also removes the likelihood of parasites and infection associated with using contaminated water. 


Please join us in making a difference for families who need access to clean water by contributing to our Borehole Projects. 

TO DATE: We have installed 9 Shallow Wells

Water Filters

Life giving fresh water right into the homes of villagers!


Water filtration systems are an excellent way of making water accessible and are a necessary part, along with a network of boreholes, in bringing clean water into the homes of villagers. They are extremely cost-effective and provide clean water efficiently to the most needy, while preventing any contamination that could take place during transport from a well.


Without water in the home, families are over-burdened by the chore of traveling to draw water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Obtaining safe water requires significant time and effort and many will get parasites or become infected by using contaminated water sources. Also tragic is that young girls (who carry the disproportionate burden of household tasks) are particularly disadvantaged, and many stop schooling to care for family members who become sick from drinking contaminated water which holds children (especially girls) back from attending school. 

Not having access to clean water shackles families and robs them of their potential, so providing accessible drinking water is ESSENTIAL for cultivating hope.

TO DATE: We have distributed approximately 400 Water Filters

Irrigation Sites

Growing fruits and vegetables in shared plots

Being able to grow a garden year round is essential to life in Malawi. With the majority of people dependent on rain and nearby rivers if available, most people are only able to grow food between January and March - the rainy season.

Providing villagers the resources to build a dam, and pipe water to a nearby plot of shared land, allows them to grow food all year.

Crops grown: onions, tomatoes, greens leafy vegetables, carrots, garlic, peppers, and more!

TO DATE: We have established 6 Irrigation Sites

Shallow Wells

Fresh water for all villagers!


Shallow water wells are drilled manually, and have proven to be too difficult for our community. Over the years we have installed 10, but have since had to machine drilled boreholes. This is due to the mountainous area our community is nestled in, making it impenetrable by hand.


Providing accessible drinking water is LIFE GIVING and cultivates hope and encouragement in a village. 

Please join us in making a difference for families who need access to clean water by contributing to our Shallow Water Well Projects. 

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