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Your Wish List

Do you have any of the following

on your Wish List this year?

• Water

• Food

• Roofing

• Toilet

What could be better than honouring someone

this Christmas with a gift that:

• reaches around the world

• benefits someone who has nothing

• brings hope for the future

✓  Spouse • Partner

✓  Parent • Child • Sibling

✓  Friend

✓ Teacher

✓  Co-worker

✓  Secret Santa Gift

Please provide Name, Email & Mailing Address of the person the gift is for.

An email will be sent to them, indicating that they will receive a card by mail about your gift.

Income Tax Receipts issued for annual accumulative donations of $25 or more.

• Boreholes

Donate towards total project cost of $10,000 each

Prevent deadly diseases.

This is one of our most costly project needs. Our area has been deemed impenetrable by manual drilling. Our community lives scattered in a low-lying mountain range, making it too difficult to dig through the rock. Machinery is needed. And it's expensive. But water is a must! Help us bore through the rock and access clean water for our village friends.

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• Sawyer Filters

Any amount

​Prevent deadly diseases.


Most villagers travel 3 to 5 times a day, up to 1.5 hours each trip, to fetch clean water for cooking, drinking, washing and bathing. This water is more often than not, from a dirty stream, or unprotected hand dug hole.

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• Conservation Agriculture Training • Composting • Mushroom Houses • Beehives • Pigs • Goats • Chickens • Guinea Fowl • Trees

Any amount

Promote nutrition.

For thousands in Luhomero, food will run by now, with harvest not until next April. Traditional farming practices have many disadvantages. Love a Village is supporting food security through new farming techniques (Conservation Agriculture), animals, trees & more!

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• Sheet Metal Roofing

Any amount

Protect families.

Most homes are made of grass, leaving families vulnerable to pests, leaks and fire. We assist villagers with sheet metal roofing.

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• Toilets • Hygiene Education • Supplies

Any amount

Avoid disease and infection.


People are still dying from poor hygiene practices. Assisting villagers with proper toilets will help keep villagers healthy.​

Educating through drama and video, put on by Government Health Officials, teaches villagers about proper hygiene practices, with the goal of reducing illness.

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• Sewing Skills • Menstrual Hygiene Management • Hygiene & Sewing Supplies

Any amount

Empower girls.


It cannot be expressed adequately enough the importance of investing in girls and young women! Educating them with a skill to start by helping them with hygiene, empowers them endlessly. Knowledge will help them escape extreme poverty and all that goes along with it.

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Become a monthly supporter!

Have you ever thought about making your gift stretch a whole year?! What a fantastic idea knowing that you're giving a gift each month in honour of someone this Christmas.

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